Development and production of gas analysis equipment and fire detection systems
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OGS-PGP/M Gas Detector
The OGS-PGP/M is designed for the continuous automatic measurement of pre-explosive concentrations of combustible gases and vapor-air mixtures
OPTIMUS Gas detector
The OPTIMUS gas detector is designed for the automatic continuous measurement of combustible gases and vapors, volumetric fraction of toxic gases, carbon dioxide in the ambient atmosphere, including air with oil/petroleum vapors, and data transmission to external devices in analogue and digital form.
Phoenix IR/UV Flame Detector
The Phoenix IR/UV IP-329/330-1-1 is Class 1 flame detector designed to detect ignitions involving electromagnetic radiation in the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) spectral ranges
Industrial fire safety

Our company supplies certified industrial gas analyzers, automatic fire flame detectors, and also designs gas control systems and fire detection systems for especially hazardous facilities.

Gas Detector
Operating temperature range: -70С до +120С
Calibration interval: 3 years
Accuracy: +-2.5% LEL
Local parameter setting
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Gas detector
Calibration interval: 3 years
Accuracy: +- 3% LEL
Local parameter setting
Live time: 15 years
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Phoenix IR/UV
Flame Detector
Operating temperature range: -60С до +120С
Archiving events
Real-time clock
100% protection of IR /UV interference
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Pozhgazpribor company is a Russian developer and manufacturer of gas detection and fire detection systems. Since 2011, we have been actively developing our positions in the market.


The company's quality management system complies with ISO 9001-2015. Pozhgazpribor company is a business partner with an impeccable reputation.

Own manufacturing capacity
High reliability
24/7 technical support
Outstanding service
5 year warranty
2 to 3 day lead time *
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